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This Guy Thinks His Shit Don't Stink And He Might Be Right


I badly wanted to call this dude a hardo but I was just too impressed.  The music was a bit much but everything else was flawless.  The more I watch it the cooler it gets.  I’m all in on shit like this.  Tricks that wouldn’t translate to skills on the field but look super awesome.  That’s the stuff I like because I have some vague idea I could do those things when I never actually could.  Like remember the classic Tiger Woods Nike commercial where he’s juggling the golf ball for what seems like forever and then crushes it 200+ yards?  My buddy and I spent countless hours trying to perfect that in my front yard growing up.  Never worked.  Or the guy who could take a check swing and spin the bat all the way around?  I love stuff like that.  This guy with his bat-flip-around-behind-the-back-tee-kick-soccer-swing is right up my alley.  Again, the music was too much but everything else was fucking dope.


Alright he’s a hardo.