"Wonderwall" Is The First Song From the 90's To Surpass Over 1 Billion Streams On Spotify


Someone asked if I was going to blog this and I said maybeeeeeeee.

How about this though? 2 songs from the 20th century (we're currently in the 21st century FYI) have over 1 billion streams on Spotify...Bohemian Rhapsody and Wonderwall. That's it!!! Out of every song released between  January 1, 1901 and December 31, 2000, Wonderwall is 1 of 2 songs with over 1 billion streams. Mind blowing. No *N'sync. No Britney Spears. Not even the cliche songs like "Livin' On A Prayer". It's Bohemian Rhapsody and Wonderwall. 


Wonderwall has become a bit of a meme in recent years, due to how widely it's covered by everyone on YouTube and how it became the go-to song for every college freshman trying to impress the girl across the hall in the dorm. But meme be dammed, Wonderwall is a fantastic song. It's one of those perfect 90's songs, like "Iris" and "Everlong" that are timeless love ballads. And crazy enough, "Iris" is the most streamed song that came out in 1998, with over 635 million streams. Sappy 90's rock song love ballads always play. Always.


Me and Bob Fox, another Oasis superfan, will be doing a full podcast about "(What's the Story) Morning Glory". We will do an album review of their entire catalogue, and have already done their debut album, "Definitely Maybe".



Buy anyway, here's Wonderwall: