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LeBron Took To Instagram To Finally Talk His Shit

I'm sure this post is going to rile a lot of people up, especially those that don't like LeBron. But you know what? I actually respect him for finally talking a little shit. If you don't like it, prevent him from winning the title. It's that simple. But something like this is also why I thought it was so weak how he tried to deny his respect quote was about Jordan

Just own it. Which brings me to that IG post. I'll admit, it's a little weird that he keeps on talking about being "washed"  and how this was a revenge season, like that was something people actually said. I'm not too sure that's a real thing. Nobody thinks LeBron James is washed. But it clearly was the self motivation he needed so who am I to judge.

There was some truth to that IG post. People do make up insane criteria for LeBron that nobody else in the history of the NBA has to achieve. Moving the goal posts when it comes to LeBron is a tradition as old as time. The thing is, with his level of greatness there are always going to be outrageous standards and expectations. That's how these things work. The crazy part is he always seems to meet them. That's a testament to the caliber of talent we're talking about here. It doesn't matter what insane scenario someone  he finds a way to do it. I wonder what the perception would be like if someone like Steph Curry had LeBron's exact resume, would people react differently? 

The sad thing is it doesn't matter what he does, even win 2 more rings, he'll never be the unanimous GOAT. That's why I think LeBron is more his own thing. It's a Coke or Pepsi situation in my opinion. We'll never see someone like MJ again and we'll never see someone like LeBron again from a basketball standpoint.

Hate it or love it when you're the champ you can say whatever you want. I just wish LeBron also was honest during his TV interviews and had the same type of energy he does in that IG post. It's OK to talk shit, especially when you had the run he just completed.