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Many Folks Are Saying This Is The Greatest Headis Rallies Of All Time, And You're A Buffoon If You Disagree

We all have our favorite Headis rallies throughout the history of the sport. And sure, maybe we're all a little biased when it comes to our favorite Headis athletes, or maybe we watched certain rallies happen at a specific moment in our life that was very special to us. There are very few memories fonder than when you were a child and the whole family gathered around the TV to watch the big Headis match. Times were simpler back then. And because it was such a great moment in your life, as it is for everybody, you seem to remember those rallies as being a little more exceptional than they actually were. 

But you're an absolute fucking fool if you don't think that this was the best volley in Headis history. This shit was just next level.

The diving save. The immediate recovery. This ain't your grandfather's headis, folks. 

And what makes it even more spectacular is the fact that this point was to stay alive and fight off a match point. As you can see, the score is 11-10. I know I don't need to explain the rules of Headis to anybody here but the game is played to 11 and it's win by 2. If the fella in the light blue shirt misses that dive, it's curtains for him. But he plays a perfect shot, wins the volley, and keeps the game going. Pure wizardry. I just hope you're all grateful for the fact that you are alive during the golden era of Headis.