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The Titans Had No New Positive COVID-19 Tests This Morning Which Means Tuesday Night Football Is On!!!

LETSSSSSS GOOOOOOOO!!! Everybody get dinner made early and put the kids to bed when the sun is still out because we have some professional football on a weird night! I'll be honest guys, I thought there was a better than good shot that the Tennessee Titans weren't going to play another game this year. We would simply accept that every team that was scheduled to play the Titans was going to walk away with a win just like when teams in your fantasy league play the guy who flat out refuses to manage his team and has 6 injured guys in his starting lineup. 

But it appears bitch boy covid decided to take its foot off the gas for a minute to allow the Titans back into our lives, which is nice because the Titans finally became memorable for the first time since Steve McNair was slinging pigskins in Nashville. I mean look at the recent history of the Titans.

via Pro Football Reference

I flat out forgot Mike Munchak was an NFL head coach let alone one for THREE years as well as the entire Vince Young Era, if you can call it the Vince Young Era if Kerry Collins' fingerprints are all over the damn place, followed by one year appearances with Jake Locker, Ryan Fizpatrick, and Zach Mettenberger before we got into that comfortably numb Marcus Mariota Era that never fully launched. 

However, now the Titans have a coach that will chop his dick off for a Super Bowl, a competent quarterback who is somehow making Adam Gase look even worse after every big game, and a man mountain running back 

who does this like this to grown ass athletic specimens:

Speaking of man mountains, we also get Tall Josh Allen tonight, who may be renamed MVP Candidate Josh Allen with another good game. But regardless of the quality of game, we get some NFL football on a Tuesday to distract us from life and to unclog our timelines of Bachelorette tweets, which feels like the least it could do since it robbed us of this week's Thursday Night Football game that was a potential MVP showdown of Allen vs. Mahomes.

I also need to shout out all the fantasy managers who put their nuts on the table and started a Bill or Titan this week. You guys can exhale now (but not all the way since we still have a 8 or so more hours until game time). I still remember that Eagles/Vikings game that got pushed back to Tuesday because of a blizzard in Philly which impacted zillions of fantasy championships (mine included) because Michael Vick led countless teams to a title. I remember all these crazy things happening to the Vikings but had no clue they happened in the same month or so.

Minnesota sports, man. Unfuckingreal.