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The Biggest Sign 2020 Makes No Goddamn Sense: The NCAA Is Actually Passing A New Rule Letting Players Transfer 1 Time Without Having To Sit Out

You're going to want to sit down for this one, because even I am shocked. The NCAA is doing something .... smart and actually benefitting the players. This is the sign of the apocalypse. Not the pandemic, not the fact it's an election year, not all the other crazy shit happening. Nope. The fact that the NCAA is going to let kids transfer 1 time without having to sit out. It's a miracle honestly, simply because it's the correct, easy decision.

And spare me any bullshit about 'free agency.' That shit already happens in college basketball and football. It happens with low-majors, mid-majors and high-majors. It's just how it works.  The fact we try to say that athletes need to stay at a school for four years or be penalized to leave for a better opportunity is asinine. Nobody else in college deals with that, yet we hear how the NCAA calls them 'regular students' all the time. They aren't, not when you're talking about big time football and basketball. 

Now, that said, because it's the NCAA there's still a fuck up here. That stupid May 1 decision for basketball and football players. Why make them announce it before the summer session when coaches can leave, they can recruit over, etc? Why not make it until after the NBA Draft so they can see who is coming back and a more finalized roster to see where they fit. It's simply the best decision for the athlete.  Also add in the fact if a coach leaves at any point, they can transfer. The second biggest lie we hear is that a kid picked a school for the school. No, they pick it because of the coach, the system and the relationship with the staff. 

Next up, paying them correctly too: 

It ain't gonna be the end of college sports, no matter how much old people complain about it. It's a step in the right direction. It's not the 1960s anymore. College sports are simply too big now for the old ass rulebook the NCAA has.