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Mike Tyson Is Being Accused Of Being High As Balls During This Bizarre Interview Today In England Where He Kept Falling Asleep And Slurring Words

So this happened across the pond this morning. Mike Tyson falling asleep, slurring words, etc during this interview. Let's check in on what Twitter thinks: 

Well that didn't take long for everyone to assume he was high as shit. Then again, it's Mike Tyson. OF COURSE there's a good chance he's high as hell. The man has talked about how much drugs he's done. He likes to party. Ain't no shame in liking to party. 

But as for the slurring words? We've all heard Mike Tyson talk before right? This might just be Mike Tyson being tired. He's old and getting ready to fight, hence the interview. The man is working out in his 50s. Plus you gotta factor in time zones and all that, I'm giving him a pass here. What am I going to say something about Mike Tyson? I'm not taking that chance. 

Still no amount of money you could give me to take one of these punches

I can't believe I'm 100% going to pay to watch him fight Roy Jones Jr. 2020 (assuming it happens) is so goddamn weird man.