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This Squirrel Ripped A Lizard's Head Clean Off And He Liked It

Imagine being a lizard and getting just eviscerated by a cute ass squirrel.  You go skittering by thinking that you are going to be safe since this thing loves nuts more than that girl who hung out with the Phoenix Suns, and next thing you know you're on @Science's instagram account getting your face chewed off.  That is just not how that lizard drew it up when he went to bed the night before this video.  Its just a shame because of all animals to get potentially eaten by, I don't know if a squirrel was at the top of the "honorable" list.  Squirrels actually will scavenge and can eat a wider variety of food than just nuts.  Here is one eating pizza!

And this adventurous sonofabitch loves mucking egg rolls!

I think there are a lot of sides to squirrels that we don't necessarily publicize… they even can do a pretty good Johnny Sins impression…