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If This Dude Crashes With This Dog In The Boat We Can Never Forgive Him

Listen, no one is going to sit here and say that this doesn't look fun as shit.  There is no world where ripping around a flooded forest like a banshee is not something I'd want to do.  That alone, while potentially very dangerous due to the high probability of hitting a submerged solid object, is not a crime.  Take another look at this video though... how can you take a hound dog and put him at risk of getting sent at 50 mph directly into a tree?  That is not the type of risk that man's best friend should be subjected to!  You know the dog is loyal and will ride with you no matter what, but what if he had some doubts in the back of his head about getting skewered on a tree branch and didn't want to say anything for fear of not being loyal?  You're putting Sparky in a bad spot, and if it goes wrong, there's no way we can forgive this guy ever again!