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Iman Shumpert Is Not Cool With Guillermo From Jimmy Kimmel Trying To Level His Hair



No way did I think that video was going to end before Guillermo got punched in the face by Shumpert.  It’s kinda funny because when you see the finished bits on Kimmel they’re funny and all.  But it’s weirder when you just see a little Mexican guy waddle up to a giant basketball player and ask to level his hair.  Pretty odd.  If I’m Shumpert though, I pay attention to Guillermo and only Guillermo in that situation.  If nothing else he’s not gonna ask you the same stupid questions all the other reporters are asking like, “How much do you want to win the Finals?” or “Tell us about LeBron.”  Booooooring.  Let the little guy level your hair and have some fu with it.  Or don’t. I can’t imagine being a pro athlete and having to deal with any and all media. Sounds awful.



This lady for sure thought Guillermo was gonna get decked.


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