The Ring Girl Contest May NEVER Be The Same Again... VOTE NOW TO BE A PART OF HISTORY!

The Ring Girl contest is a time honored tradition here at RnR and there's always plenty of surprises and unexpected chaos that comes with it. Normally we'd award our winner via audience applause/hootin'/hollerin' but no crowd in WV means a whole new ballgame here. 

So for RnR 12 we're switching things up and keeping LIVE throughout the entire PPV. You can head there now to vote or wait till October 23rd and pick your favorites live. Then WE the people will vote the 1st Lady President in RnR Ring Girl history, along with a VP & 4 Cabinet members. 

We'll also have Caleb & Rone, the #1 sideline reporters on planet earth, getting the fighters in our election booth after their matches end so they can have a voice in it too. It's all about giving back to the community at RnR 12 on

So vote through the link above and head to to preorder the RED vs BLUE PPV, fucking NOW. 

Knockouts, Ring Girls, Main Events & MORE on October 23rd… Order RnR 12 HERE