It Would Appear That The NHL Is Using My Idea For The Winter Classic 2021

INCREDIBLE NEWS. This is a truly awesome idea. No fans frees the NHL to put on the Winter Classic event the way it was always intended to be and portrayed to be. On a frozen body of water. I love the idea. I think I've heard it somewhere before. Somewhere brain and Barstool Sportscom

Having said all of that...the NHL could do one thing that would be a silver lining with this entire no fans frees them to play the Winter Classic in a true out-door setting. Instead of having it at Target Field or Yankee Stadium or it somewhere like here

Logistically I have no idea how it would work, but I am sure that the NHL could find a place cold enough in January to have good quality ice that could support boards and zamboni system of some kind so it's good and safe for players to skate on. It would be like a legit Mystery Alaska situation which is how the NHL always portrays the Winter Classic even when it's played in the Barstool Sports Penn National Stocks Only Go Up Stadium in Buffalo. The MLB was going to play a game in a fucking cornfield this year as a hat tip to Field Of Dreams. The NHL should have a true outdoor game on an outdoor surface. Broadcast the entire game using drones or something so you don't need to worry about cranes or building camera stands. Make it happen. This is a good idea and I am giving to the NHL for free because I love them

I INSTANTLY regret saying that I would give them this idea for free. It's right there. In writing. Now I want credit for idea-gen. Credit and compensation. I said this in August. Someone logged onto a zoom with Gary Bettman and pitched this idea and now it's going to happen. That guy probably got a promotion. He probably got a raise. He is going to be known as some hockey marketing savant because he reads Barstool Sports. Meanwhile I will be watching the game on my couch in my apartment in my underwear telling myself that I will start my New Year's resolution and work out after the game or maybe the next day once I am feeling less hungover. Either way, please tell the NHL that I have other ideas and I will be happy to give them out for a small fee since they liked this one so much.