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Now Playing: The Most Electric Gender Reveal Of All-Time

Usually when you see a gender reveal, the most common responses are an eye roll or something like this:

However, this couple didn't just find out they are having a girl but they also found out they are having a fucking rock star. Because there's no way someone whose assumed gender was revealed with a painted maniac dancing in tighty whities with Jock Jams playing in the background is a lock to be a content machine. Doubly so since this took place in Florida. I'm willing to bet my salary that little nugget ends up on whatever Barstool is in 20 or so years in a blog about some Florida Woman doing some outlandish shit my feeble 2020 brain can't process. 

Anyway, congrats to the #girlmom and #girldad to be on their little firecracker in the womb as well as that pink bald lunatic who can announce a gender for me anytime. Not literally me since I am thankfully officially sterile. But for anybody looking to find out if a boy or a girl will own their soul for the foreseeable future.