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Some Dude Just Rockin' Out To The Beatles While Doctors Perform Brain Surgery On Him



Every once in awhile a video like this will come along and it always blows my mind.  I think there was on a few months ago where a guy was playing a violin or some shit.  Like what the hell?  They’re operating on that guy’s brain and he’s just down there rocking out to “Yesterday” like it’s a sunny day in the park.  Bro, they’re jabbing tools into the part of your body that makes you who you are.  One slip of the knife and he goes from Tom The Guy Who Likes To Take Long Walks On the Beach to Tommy The Guy Who Likes To Murder Elderly People On The Weekends.  They could make you a completely different person if they wanted (not sure this is how brains work but it’s the way my brain says it does). Not to mention if we rewind like 150 years and you had a brain tumor doctors were like, “Welp, sorry.  That’s gonna be a bitch.”  Now we can cut your skull open, operate on the brain, have you still be conscious and playing some tunes on the guitar.  Incredible.



PS- Hospitals are scary.