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Pray For These Spanish Soccer Fans Who Got Arrested After Stealing Mallorca's Team Van And Drove It Through The Stadium

You may be wondering why I put pray in the headline here. Quite simply, I'm pretty sure this is the most egregious crime you can commit in Europe. You don't just destroy a soccer field, let alone by using the club's own van. If you told me it was capital punishment, I wouldn't bat an eye. But I gotta know more about these dudes, most importantly, who do they cheer for? I assume they cheer for Mallorca's rival, which is the only way this would make sense. You don't just go ahead and steal the club's van for the team you cheer for. Gotta think these two guys have the biggest balls in Spain though. This is how you send a message to a club. You trash their field, which, yeah, is a shitty thing to do. But stealing the club van to commit the crime is a nice touch at least. 

Also just feel like this is the plot to some shitty network comedy with a laugh track. I just assume the main character's son and his zany friends do this at a high school and then the show ends with some lesson about respect. Pretty sure this happens on every CBS (not the smut blogger) show already. But we're talking real life in Spain, so pray for these dudes. I just assume they are sitting in jail right now for this and it ain't pretty.