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Professor Cancels Exam Like A Little Bitch Because He Got Shot and Has Covid

What an email. I love academics. They are all about learning. As the round (military term for bullet) ripped through his flesh and the proverbial bullet ripped through his marriage, I imagine he screamed out “BUT WHAT WILL BECOME OF MY BELOVED SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS? MY BELOVED MULTIPLE CHOICE? MY BELOVED TRUE OR FALSE.”

And that last part illustrates why the American education is failing. This guy is a university professor and can only conjure one adjective? Dude, you gotta be better than that. COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY WITH VARIED SENTAX AND SET THE EXAMPLE! Beloved. 3 fucking beloveds. Unreal. If his adjective selection is so careless and lazy, imagine his attention to detail in the bedroom. Pathetic. Probably has no idea where the clit is. His wife’s clitoral hood might as well be wearing blue jeans, a red and white stripped sweater, and a matching sock hat or toboggan. Ole Where’s Waldo Ass Clit.

There is a litany of other fitting adjectives he could have used.

“Chaps! Chaps! Like what?”

Well, off the top of my head, he could have used loved, dearest, favorite, respected, popular, hallowed, admired, prized, venerated, treasured, cherished, well-liked, esteemed, revered, or hallowed.

Whoops. Think I said hallowed twice. Nevertheless, he should do better. It’s no wonder he was shot and his wife is fuckin that large fella who was sitting on the edge of the bed with his hammer out.

no. No. This can’t be. Let 


It was all a ruse! This is a fake! 


Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.