Anthony Davis Finally Embraced Being The Heel We Need When He Blocked A Shot Up 30 And Immediately Talked Shit To The Heat's Family Section

[Yahoo] - Facing a 30-point deficit late in the second quarter, Heat rookie guard Kendrick Nunn used a screen to elude Caruso, but Anthony Davis was waiting for him in the key. Nunn dribbled around the forward and released a running hook going to his left, and Davis swatted the ball to himself before passing up-court to initiate the break.

When Davis swung the ball, he promptly turned to the Heat’s family and friends section sitting courtside and yelled, “That sh-- is dead!

I honestly didn't know Anthony Davis had this in him. He's a quiet shit talker. He's not one to talk shit to family members either. He's the guy that points at the floor and says this is his shit. Louisville fans know what I'm talking about. But talking shit to family? Now that's something I can get behind. We all thought it would be Jimmy Butler: 

But nope it ended up being the quiet kid with the unibrow. Honestly, this is good. LeBron is going to go away at some point and if Anthony Davis stays with the Lakers, we gotta find him to be a heel. The Lakers can't have the cool guy that everyone likes. LeBron refused to be the heel in Miami and I firmly believe that's why he's so corny. He was so desperate to be liked, still is. But Davis? If he's setting the tone by talking shit to children and wives and Katya Elise Henry? That's my kind of dude that you can hate. 

I've said it before, but as a Kentucky fan I can get let go and start to hate Laker Anthony Davis. There's a difference. He's the perfect person for the NBA to turn on now. He forced his way out of New Orleans. He teamed up with LeBron. He's buddy/buddy with him. He's ditching the dorky unibrow look for some jacked dude with tattoos now. He needs to embrace it. Start talking shit to family members at all time. Just be the heel. Sports needs heels.