White Sox Fire Don Cooper As Well, Today Is White Sox Judgement Day

Got my beat reporter on today. And by got beat reporter on I mean I watched the live stream of Rick Hahn's presser in my underwear on my couch while my building's maintenance guy fixed my shower. All of a sudden the water pressure in my apartment was so strong it was like it was meant to hose down a circus elephant. 

Anyways, let's get into the presser. A LOT of notes to go through. I'll bullet point it out to make it easy:


1. Hahn won't get into specifics but the new manager will ideally be a manager with very recent postseason success as manager, though not a requirement. He won't go into specifics of what the organization is looking for in a manager because he doesn't want any interviews to be crafted around the specifics of what he said in today's presser. Simply put, he doesn't want to tip the organizations' hand. 

With that said, he did say that the organization strongly prefers October success in very recent Octobers. I take that as AJ Hinch and Alex Cora will absolutely be on their list of targets. He did also note that since teams are still vying for the 2020 crown, that it might take until after this years' World Series to conclude their managerial search. 

2. The window is open and they now have World Series aspirations as an organization. His tone was different in post season pressers of years past, as he has always sort of tempered expectations of the team and its expectations. Not anymore. It's go time, it was go time this year, and it's go time for the foreseeable future. 

3. More on point two - Hahn knows this team will be a hot spot for potential candidates. Potential managers will be lining up to take a crack at taking this team to the top. It's ready to win now; it's not a rebuild project that god himself couldn't manage to the World Series like it was in 2015-19. It's ready to win now and their hire will reflect that mind set. 

4. Coop is out. As soon as the Renteria news came out this morning, I had a feeling we'd be hearing this. Coop is completely and totally synonymous with the White Sox and should be revered for his work for the last ~20 years. Dude was great; sure, I can see why people wanted him gone in recent years, but even if you're one of those guys, there's no denying how great Coop was for the majority of his tenure with the Sox. Just ask any pitcher he's left his mark on, except for Carson Fulmer. There's a reason that the common quote "Coop'll fix'm" exists. He fixed pitchers more often than not. Helluva a career.

LOVE YOU COOP!!!! Thank you for everything. Sincerely thank you. 

5. Coops replacement could very well come from within. The White Sox have a lot of very highly thought of coaches in their minors system, and though I wouldn't hate this, I would be surprised if the higher does in fact come from within. 


6. The new manager will have their say to pick their staff. The whole staff, sans Coop and RR obviously, could be back. On the flip side, none of them might be back. 

7. He would not name a single potential candidate or who they have their eyes on, other than Ozzie Guillen, who Jerry Reinsdorf called personally to tell him he would not be considered for the position.  

Sorry Chance...

8. The new manager will more than likely be coming from the outside. There's no timeline on the new hire and Spanish speaking will be a plus, but not a requirement. It's more a requirement for the staff as a whole.


1. Crochet is fine - has a strained forearm, but his UCL looks clean and he'll be ready to go. Madrigal has surgery on his shoulder so he doesn't separate it again and should be fine for spring training. They still view him as a starter, but it's TBD how he'll be deployed entering spring 2021. Has three plus pitches. They have a lot of options with how to work with him, be it every 5th day or as a multi-inning reliever.

2. Hahn quoted, "not immune to reality around us", IE, there was a lot of money lost this year and we're not certain what next year is going to look like yet in terms of attendance, games played, etc. The market will be affected by the pandemic and HOPEFULLY teams will get a better understanding of revenues. This all  will factor into how they make moves - baseball thing, not a White Sox thing - but they're in a good spot economically 

3. They think the world of James McCann, but... after Hahn gave him all the love in the world. He's prolly not coming back. "He's earned the right to become a free agent." 

They will stay in touch, but I just don't see how it works out. He's unfortunately just not a great fit on the roster, which is tough to say, because I love him. LOVE him. 

4. Andrew Vaughn could contribute the majority of next year - he didn't have an MiLB season, which is the only hesitation for Hahn to say he's "ready", but.... he's ready. I expect them to extend him prior to the season a la Robert and Eloy and if they don't, he'll be here the day they accrue the extra year of service. 

5. Kopech is no mystery at all, and it never should have been. He's been in constant contact with the organization and the organization still views him as a stud. 

This was a personal beef I had with everyone this year. Kopech is fine and always has been - don't buy the bullshit rumors. Just trust me there. It's all noise and none of it's true. 

That's about it. Today was judgement day for the White Sox. I am SHOCKED that both Renteria and Cooper are gone but it's for the betterment of the organization's future. I love what the White Sox are doing right now, absolutely love it. 

Very excited to see who the White Sox hire in the coming weeks and months. Today was an amazing day - these moves were made with one thing and one thing only in mind - winning a World Series. Absolutely fucking LOVE it.