A Member Of The Lakers Front Office Wasted No Time Before Dancing On The Clippers Grave

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When you win the NBA title you can talk as much as you want. It's one thing when Lakers fans chirp on Twitter and you have to take it, but it's another thing when it comes from the actual franchise that won the ring. Hate or love the Lakers, you have to respect this move. They didn't forget about the Clippers, or as I'm sure they call them, Little Brother. Let's not have revisionist history here, when the Clippers brought in Kawhi and Paul George, almost the entire basketball world was ready to declare them the champs and the new kings of LA. That's just a fact. Outside of Lakers fans, that was the narrative. The Clippers had too much talent, they had the depth that the Lakers didn't, that Kawhi passing up playing with LeBron was smart because now he was about to run the city. They wanted to act like this was a true rivalry. The dig in that quote called it a "so called" rivalry?


That quote is true too. The Clippers were very interested in winning the media narrative. I'm pretty sure Steve Ballmer shelled out a shit ton of money to pass out Clippers backpacks and shit, doing everything he could to try and make the Clippers in LA a thing. A classic example of acting and talking like a champ before you actually achieve a goddamn thing. That was maybe the biggest problem with the Clippers. They acted like entitled brats, like they had already won the title. They treated the regular season like it didn't matter, that translated into the seeding games, and then they got punched in the goddamn mouth in the playoffs. They thought they could just roll the ball out and the Nuggets would cave. The two guys who they spent so much time and money building up ultimately folded in the playoffs. That's right, Kawhi did too, that's just the truth.

Meanwhile, the Lakers kept their mouths shut. They did not coast during the regular season. They used it to build the second best record in the league. They knew that having homecourt advantage was important (before the world ended). Once the playoffs came around, they still didn't run their mouth. They played. They stayed focused on basketball and basketball only. Remember, there was supposed to be all this dysfunction in the Lakers locker room given the strong personalities they brought in, but it never happened. On the flip side, all the drama and dysfunction existed with their cross town rival. This is how I envision Steve Ballmer reacting to that quote

Because let's face it, the Clippers are kind of screwed. Not only are they very much not the kings of LA, the city is in no way Kawhi's, they also don't currently have a coach and their roster could look drastically different next season. All that money and all that hype and not only do they choke in embarrassing fashion but there is a good chance the Lakers snag another one before the Clippers even sniff the NBA Finals. They had their chance to back up all that hype and actually play the Lakers in the WCF, but they couldn't close. The Lakers closed. LeBron closed. 

Now they get to talk all the shit they want. The players and the front office get to twist the knife all they want in the corpse that is the Los Angeles Clippers. So who do we think that Lakers exec is? Has to be someone in the Buss family. Maybe not Jeanie but definitely one of the brothers. Kind of weak they didn't put a name to it. You're the champ, own it and talk that shit, nobody with a brain would get on you for it.