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The Jaguars Just Became the First Team Ever to Lose Three Straight Games to Winless Teams

This week's Atlanta Falcons Never Been Done Before Stat of the Week is brought to you courtesy of the Jacksonville Jaguars — the name is what it is, but the stat can come from any team — who became the first team in NFL history to lose three consecutive games to previously winless teams on Sunday.

This seems like something that should have happened at some point before, but when you consider the individual probabilities of having three consecutive games against teams that have lost every game and losing all three of them, it does seem like a pretty difficult confluence of circumstances to recreate.

Going from a win against Indianapolis in Week 1 to a dubious record such as this one is quite a swing to have in just the first third of a season, but such has been the first five weeks in Jacksonville. I guess even as bad as things have been in Atlanta, we Falcons fans can take comfort in knowing there is always somebody else who is going through it, too.

Hang in there, Jags fans. At least you have the most interesting man in football on your side.