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Magic Johnson Brought The Heat On Twitter To Celebrate The Lakers Winning A Championship

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Credit to Magic Johnson. I'm pretty sure he hasn't blown a load like this since his famous sex parties back in the 80s. This was his moment though, as the best tweeter in NBA Twitter you knew he was going to unload the clip last night as soon as the clock hit 0.0 with his best material. I know he has other guys normally write his tweets, but I think for this moment it was all Magic. I have to admit, he didn't disappoint. Remember, it wasn't too long ago that this happened

I mean he did his job, he got LeBron to LA (even if that was always the plan). That then brought in AD and the rest is history. I have to say this version of Magic is way more enjoyable. It was a sad day for Twitter when he took that Lakers job and couldn't tweet. I'm not totally convinced that didn't play a role in his decision to walk away. Maybe he knew what was coming with AD and he wanted the ability to let the tweets fly. He's still going to get a ring I bet, this is Magic goddamn Johnson we're talking about here and without the moves he made while he was in charge, the Lakers probably don't win this ring. 

As a player, Magic Johnson made a career of coming through in the biggest moments for the Lakers. One of the most clutch players to ever walk this earth. He changed the game, there's no denying that. Well, now all these years later he once again came through, this time on the timeline. Anybody else has that string of tweets and they come off as lame, but for Magic they play. It's so on brand you can't help but laugh. 

The Lakers winning the title is mostly terrible for a guy like me, but between Rondo getting his second ring and Magic being Magic on Twitter I guess there are some positives. Hopefully I never have to write this type of blog again though, once was more than enough.