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'I'm Half Drunk Right Now, So I Don't Know How To Act' - NBA Player Kyle Kuzma, Or Every Freshman At Their First College Party Ever?

Kyle, man, you can't have that quote. Not at your age. Not when you've partied with Kendall Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens and Nicole Shiraz and everyone else you've been linked to. Not when you're just drinking some champagne. He sounds exactly like the headline - every freshman in the history of college who showed up to their first party. You know exactly what I'm talking about here and you can picture those people right this second. There's a fine line on how to act when you're at the half drunk stage and it's 100% not saying you don't know how to act. That's not getting ahead of the story. 

I always wondered how quick these dudes who played serious minutes get drunk while celebrating. You know some of the guys are just chugging shit immediately, ready to catch a buzz. Others are going to wait and sip. Or if you're lucky you become an instant legend for how you drink champagne

Then again, Kuzma did go to Utah. People in Utah don't know how to party. Maybe he's just brutally honest, maybe he's a lightweight. Tough to tell.