I Love Everything About Jimmy Butler Immediately Answering 'We'll Be Back' In His Postgame Interview

I don't care that the Heat lost, this is a Jimmy Butler appreciation post. The man brought so much content and highlights during the run to the Finals, that he made a legit case for Finals MVP despite losing the series. It solidified where he stands in people's eyes in terms of being a star and if you can win with Jimmy Butler. That was a real argument people had when he signed with the Heat. People thought they'd be a forever 5-7 seed that lost in the first round. Pretty clear that's not the case. 

So, yeah, of course he's going to answer 'we'll be back.' What athlete wouldn't do that? But this is just Jimmy Butler being Jimmy Butler. The man has so much confidence that you see him talking shit to whoever and taking big shot after big shot. He became a scorer during this run that shocked all of us. Not saying he couldn't go get 40 before, but the way he went about attacking off the bounce and finishing at such a high level was ridiculous. 

It'll be interesting how people talk about Butler leading into next year. There's a good chance most people will overrate him a bit and put him as a favorite to win MVP. But he is who he is. He's someone you can win with. He's now a cornerstone for a Heat franchise that will let them try and attract an even better player to put with him, Herro and Bam. He's the face of the franchise. What a run, Jimmy.