Quinn Cook Finding Out The Lakers Team Bus Left The Arena Without Him Was a Priceless Moment On J.R. Smith's IG Live

Think about the grind it took to get to this point for these NBA players. They had to be away from their families for months. Birthdays, pregnancies, graduations all missed. Nothing but basketball until you hoist the Larry O'Brien trophy. Just a non-stop grind to become an NBA Champion in 2020 amidst everything the country has been through this year. Finally your team accomplishes the number one goal and sits atop everyone else. You guys are world champions. The job is done. One of the hardest championships ever won some are saying. You celebrate with all your boys, pop champagne, and go nuts. The bubble life is over, it's time to celebrate. Euphoria. It's also time to reflect on everything and the journey to get to this point. I'm sure Kobe was on everyone's mind. Quinn Cook sent out this emotional tweet. 

That's when life came crashing back down to Earth for ol' Quinn. The Lakers guard quickly found out on IG live that the team left him behind in the arena to go back to the hotel where the celebration would continue. 

"Ohhh we left QC bruhhh" - An absolutely hammered JR Smith

How is it not one person's job to keep track of the players and make sure everyone is on the bus? My guy was in the comment section of JR Smith's IG live begging them to make a u-turn and come back for him. I'm in tears reading him in the comments. Quinn, I'm sure your boys love you, but you played one whole minute during the Finals. No one is turning the bus around for you. If they left without LeBron or AD that bus would've have flipped over with how fast the driver would have been spinning the steering wheel in panic. Quinn Cook left behind? Oh well, I'm sure we'll see him later. No man left behind, except QC. He's gotta figure that shit out. Noted problem solver Dion Waiters proposed a solution.  

"Man, QC gotta fly. Drink that Red Bull and get winnnngs!" -An equally hammered Dion Waiters

Incredible stuff. Let's not forget that J.R. Smith and Dion Waiters are NBA Champions together, on the same team. What a combo. They didn't do jack shit to help win this ring, but you better believe they'll be celebrating this one like they did. In their minds they probably think they deserved co-MVPs.

P.S. Kyle Kuzma not being the one left behind is a gigantic upset. 

P.P.S. I am NOT a Lakers fan