"And I Want My Damn Respect Too" - Finals MVP LeBron James

Ever since about halfway through the second quarter of Game 6 I was wondering what LeBron was going to say postgame when he got his Finals MVP trophy. It was the ultimate moment for him to basically tell everyone to go fuck themselves. The thing is LeBron is very calculated. You hear how easy and smooth he delivered that line? He 10000000000% came up with that last night and practiced in front of the mirror. The cadence was too perfect. He knew what he was going to say well ahead of that moment. 

And look, what can you say. The man delivered. What confuses me though is LeBron James the basketball player is very well respected. In fact it's harder to be more respected. People literally call him the greatest to ever play. The worst case scenario? People put him #2 behind this guy named Michael Jordan maybe you've heard of him. Nobody truly disrespects him as a basketball player anymore do they? And they're serious? As a basketball player he's about as good as it gets. We're not talking all the outside shit, purely from a basketball standpoint how could anyone not respect LeBron? That was weird. Like it's such a slight if you're the second greatest all time. 

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But when you do what he's done in his career and then again in this series, you can say whatever you want. That's the benefit of being a champ