Honestly, Ohio State Should Be The #1 Team In The Country Today

So many headlines I could've made for this blog. I mean, I know that 2020 has been a wild year and the coronavirus has put a wrench into a lot of things, but has the definition of rankings changed? Did I miss where Merriam-Webster released a new meaning for the word? Is the idea of them no longer to put the best teams in order? Because Ohio State being at #6 on this list is quite possibly the most absurd thing I've ever seen in my entire life. Well it was, until I looked up and saw NORTH CAROLINA at #5! Folks, I don't care if the Buckeyes sit on their butts for the next 10 weeks or sit out for the next 10 seasons. Ohio State would beat North Carolina by 400 points. And then I glanced down and saw Cincinnati at #8? I know it was last year but do people not remember this?

Must be quite the drop off between the #6 (so funny) and #8 teams in the country. Either that or Cincinnati had one heck of a recruiting class.

But the jokes don't stop there. While I want to talk about the three touchdown favorites we would be AT #4 Notre Dame, my eyes can't come unglued from seeing Alabama at #2 and receiving two first place votes. I mean, and I say this with the utmost sincerity, those voters should be banned from voting for the rest of their life. And I'm not just talking about in the AP Poll. Presidential Election? Nope. School levy? Nope. Twitter poll? Not a chance. Those two people are so unfit to give their opinion on anything that it's laughable. Did you watch Alabama this weekend, voters? Ole Miss just scored 48 points on that defense. Damn near flipped a 50 burger. Could you imagine, and I really want you to close your eyes and picture this, OHIO STATE'S OFFENSE playing against that defense? How many times would they score? 100? More. 200? More. 500? Probably.

And let me get out ahead of this now: when the big bad committee starts meeting and the dumb dumbs at ESPN start talking about how Alabama has beaten #13 at the time Texas A&M and Clemson beat #7 at the time Miami, please respectfully shut up. They are ranked that high because there are only 3 conferences playing right now and the voters are torn between ranking good teams and ranking teams that play. The fact of the matter is that Ohio State would beat every single team on this list. Anybody. Anytime. Anywhere.