The Lakers Are Blowing The Heat Out Of The Goddamn Gym Right Now

Well, I didn't think I'd be writing this blog this early into the evening, but barring something beyond historic, this thing is a wrap. What an absolute beatdown the Lakers are putting on the Heat right now. Their energy has been fantastic, the defensive intensity the Lakers are playing with has to be some of the best we've seen all season and this was a team that had a top 5 defense all year. There's getting steamrolled and then there is what the Lakers just did in the first 24 minutes. LeBron and AD got it started, they have 26 points on 11-19 in the first half, but things truly started to get out of hand when Rajon Rondo walked onto the floor.

This is the type of performance from Rondo that I was thinking about when I wrote this blog 

He's been vintage Playoff Rondo and then some so far. Pushing the pace, making great decisions, attacking the rim, and has 13 huge points on 6-6 shooting. Sprinkle in some timely supporting cast threes and the Lakers are well on their way to closing this thing out.

You feel for the Heat a little bit. They played so hard to make this a competitive series, they simply are running out of gas right before our eyes. Missing point blank layups, turning the ball over 9 times, missing 7 FTs, all while shooting 34/33%. Their run has been pretty special up until this point, and unless they can do something that I'm pretty sure has never happened in NBA history, this is where it ends.