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Cowboys Beat Giants On Last Second FG And None Of It Matters Now That Dak Is Out

FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. Worst possible thing. Dak injury.

This is what I texted mere seconds after the Cowboys lone, shining hope to salvage anything from this motherfucking 2020 season went down with what appeared to be a serious injury. 

As I’m writing these words, Dak is undergoing ankle surgery. No idea what the timeline is but it’s not good, no matter how you look at it.

Dislocation, open fracture, bone protruding through the skin. Awful. 

So from this point on, the Dallas Cowboys are in the hands of the Red Rifle himself -- Andy Dalton. And although Dalton’s time in Cincinnati ended with a whimper, for a long time he was a productive NFL starter, which makes his signing in the offseason look like one of the few signs of good fortune this snake bit team has had all year. 

So Dak’s injury turned this game, which was close from the 2nd quarter on (with the Cowboys again spotting a HUGE lead), secondary news in a division that is only the second in the history of the NFL to have a team with a losing record in first place after Week 5. 

This team isn’t good. It’s our offensive line riddled with injuries. It's our D line, that fails to get pressure which leads to the linebacker issues, which leads to the safety and defensive backs. A chain reaction of sorts. How much of this is Nolan? I think it's a mix. Players not doing their job and a confusing ass scheme. I hate this scheme. It's not comfortable, the change was made where training camp was truncated and thus players are tentative. Last year you used to see guys flying all over the place, and now its like they have on cement shoes. 

I had a scary thought. This team might go 6-10. 

Alot of these Ls will fall on Mike Nolan’s shoulders. This defense is bad, and it's not because he’s been calling plays from the booth. 

This game, the big news was that they moved him from the booth to the sideline! When in reality they need to move him… out of the building. Think about this, the Giants were the lowest scoring team in the NFL through 4 weeks, until they played Dallas. 

 What’s good? Surprisingly little from a game in which Dallas actually won. CeeDee Lamb was a monster again, which is not a surprise (buy a shirt -- linked at the bottom). Zuerlein came up clutch. And Andy Dalton performed … well, like an actual NFL quarterback. I’m happy for him. 

Last week, I hung in the towel and was ready to call it quits. Things actually are worse today than they were then. It’s a little microcosm of 2020. The punches never stop coming. I’m devastated for Dak; for his health and for the future of his career. I wish him nothing but a speedy recovery and as usual, I still think he deserves to be paid. Not everyone thinks like me of course and I have a sneaking suspicion his future as franchise QB of the Dallas Cowboys is very much up in the air. 

Next week, Monday night against the Cardinals and Kyler. Hard to get excited for that after this devastating Sunday.