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Dak Prescott Just Got Injured And I’m Going To Be Sick

This season has been full of disasters. And now, the worst has fallen upon us. Dak Prescott. A severe injury to his right ankle and foot. This. Is. Awful. 

I want to throw up. Sincerely sick to my stomach. 

The season was already a wash and I’m not so sad about losing him for this year. I’m more sad to know that he was BALLING on a franchise tag and now his chances to prove his worth are over. 

A tough, stocky QB who never missed a start once in his career has left the field in tears. 

You know it’s bad when the other team’s OC (who happened to coach him) comes out and puts his arm around Mike McCarthy’s shoulders. Holy shit. NOTHING could be worse than this. NOTHING.

And now the Cowboys’ fate is in the hands of Andy Fucking Dalton. 

Welp. That’s it for me. I’m going into hibernation. 

Wake me for kickoff in 2021.