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This Covid Social Distancing Prom Has To Be The Single Dumbest Thing I've Ever Seen

Oh HELL NO! What in the living hell is this shit? I....I've got nothing man. Is this what the world has turned to? I don't entirely know the context here, but I clearly see we've got kids "dancing" with masks on, so I'm going to assume this is some kind of covid prom dance. I hope to god it's fake, but it's not promising. If this was an SNL skit last night then forgive me. That's how bad it is. This could easily pass off for being a parody. 

My first instinct is Florida, but they don't even do masks anymore so that's ruled out. Maybe some Amish tomfoolery? To be honest, you could convince me this was pre-corona in Amish country if I didn't see any masks involved. Whatever school this is needs to lose their accreditation and every student involved needs to undergo a psychological evaluation ASAP. From a social distancing perspective this is not even social distancing! All you're doing is not looking at your dance partner. Everyone is still on top of each other, they just look like fucking idiots. The principal thought he or she was a fucking genius when they drew this one up I bet. They thought their school was going to set the standard in America. Nope. 

I didn't even go to prom when the world was normal, but how could you ever think this was worth attending? Imaging renting a tux or a nice dress for THIS? At some point the light bulb has to go off in your head at what you're about to do. You can't even make eye contact with your dance partner. Just grinding cheek to cheek and eye fucking everyone else in the gym. How erotic! I consider myself a coordinated fella, but I'm not getting through a single dance without either hurting myself or busting my ass. Feet will be stepped on and that's a promise. This almost reminds of one of those teamwork exercises you did as a kid where you had to untangle yourself from your group without letting go, except it's prom. 

The world has zero hope. Zero. Pray for an asteroid.