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What Was The First CD You Ever Bought? What Do You Remember About It?

Over this past weekend, No Doubt's classic third album 'Tragic Kingdom' - a staple of any great 90s CD collection - turned 25 years old. My brother and I are constantly talking about music with each other back and forth, so naturally, I shot him a text to commemorate the anniversary (and make him feel a little old), and much to my surprise, he informed me that it was actually the first CD he ever purchased!

Just outta curiosity, I then turned to Trent to ask him what the first CD HE ever bought was, and his answer made me laugh so much it inspired me to write this blog. So I reached out to everyone I could get in touch with at Barstool and asked: 

"What was the first CD/album you ever bought, and what do you remember about it?"

Personally, I thought everyone's answers to this question were absolutely fascinating. Some people named albums that went on to shape their musical taste and personality for the rest of their lives, and others bought shitty soundtracks for a single track when we were kids and never even listened to the rest of the songs! 

As somebody who's older brother owned every album I could ever imagine having as a kid (and burned me PLENTY of mixtapes), I fall into the latter of those two categories; the first album I remember purchasing with my own money was the soundtrack to 'Drake & Josh'….

Kinda embarrassing, I know, but hey - I liked the theme song a ton and wanted to be Drake Bell SOOO badly when that show came out. Pretty sure there was a 'Soul Man' - Blues Brothers cover on there too. Pretty bleh as far as first albums go tho.

Here's how your favorite bloggers responded….

Big Cat: 'Third Eye Blind' - Third Eye Blind

One of the greatest albums ever made. Every single song on that album is great. Start to finish never skip ahead.

Big T: 'Metamorphosis' - Hillary Duff

So I’m pretty sure it was Hilary Duff’s first album because I was absolutely in love with her at 6 years old. I don’t remember much about it other than the fact it has bangers that still slap to this day.

Blackjack Fletcher: 'Four' - Blues Traveler

I don’t know if it was the absolute first CD I EVER bought, but I distinctly remember buying 'Four' by Blues Traveler. I remember 'Run Around' being the big song at the time but being partial to Hook myself. I also remember the bitchin’ cat on the album cover.

Brandon Walker: 'Tiffany' - Tiffany

In 1987 I was 8. I had Christmas money and we used what I had left after my dad stole some to buy weed. We went to Wal Mart and I bought a cassette by Tiffany. She was the first woman I felt weird about even though she was only 17 but it’s ok because I was 8. She was so hot. And 'I Think We’re Alone Now' was incredible

Brianna Chickenfry: 'Metamorphosis' - Hillary Duff

I remember thinking it was the most groundbreaking album the world had ever seen, and I thought Hillary Duff  was going to take over the world.

Caleb: 'Unleashed' - Toby Keith

Sticking a boot in their ass because it's the American way.

Captain Cons: 'Under the Table and Dreaming' - Dave Matthews Band

I remember not necessarily understanding all the words but feeling cool because that’s what the older kids were listening to in my school.

Carrabis: 'Men in Black: The Album' - Various Artists

'Men in Black' was an absolute banger. Rest of the CD sucked.

Chaps: 'Heart in Motion' - Amy Grant

The first CD I ever bought was 'Heart in Motion' by Amy Grant. It was when she kinda became the bad boy of Christian music. You see, this album was her first crossover into secular music. I remember riding in the back of my mom’s 1989 thunder bird and tossing on the fluffy headphones that came with my Walgreen’s version of the yellow Sony discman. When 'Baby, Baby' came on, look out. I was singin and singing loud.

Chief: 'Sublime' - Sublime

Clem: 'The Chronic' - Dr. Dre

I had a bunch of older kids in my neighborhood who liked ['The Chronic'] so I got it because they always played it. I had no clue what the giant leaf on the CD was for a few years. Shout out to my parents for either not knowing or not caring about buying a CD with tracks like 'Fuck Wit Dre Day', 'Deeeeez Nuuuuuts', and 'Lyrical Gangbang' for a 10-year-old kid. Having one of the best and most important albums in hip hop history as your first CD is pretty fucking cool.

Coley (EIC): 'Middle of Nowhere' - Hanson

Music was a big deal to me growing up. But as an only child the only music I was ever exposed to was either from my father (Rolling Stones, Carlos Santana, The Police) and MTV. That's right, believe it or not MTV used to play music for most of the day. Music on the television. What a concept! But eight year old me found my own obsession, and that was with the trio of brothers known as Hanson. 'MMMBop' was fucking everywhere. Completely inescapable for anyone with ears that was alive at the time of its release. They might as well have been The goddamn Beatles to a young Mick Man. And while 'MMMBop' has all the staying power 23 years later, 'Where's The Love' was my true jam. I stared at that yellowish-orange album cover so long it's permanently engraved in my brain. To this day, Hanson's 'Snowed In' Christmas album still gets regular spins in the leadoff spot of my holiday rotation.

Dallas Braden: 'Sublime' - Sublime

I was having lots of fun partying at Chico State with my homies' older brothers. We were in high school & would blast ['Sublime'] on the way to the house parties & felt like the coolest dudes on the planet raging with college kids. First time I ever saw a nug of weed that was so White it looked like it was smoking a flocked Christmas tree. 

Dana B: 'The Young And The Hopeless' - Good Charlotte

The first CD I ever bought was Good Charlotte’s 'The Young And The Hopeless'. I got it from Stop N Shop when I was probably in 3rd or 4th grade because I remembered seeing them play 'The Anthem' on TRL, and my siblings and I just became obsessed with them. Actually, that same day, we went back to Stop N Shop to try to steal an AFI CD but I got caught by the cashier. That Good Charlotte CD had absolute bangers after bangers - 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous', 'The Anthem', 'Girls & Boys', etc. and they’re still bangers to this day.

Dante The Don: 'Big Ones' - Aerosmith

I was a huge dork and had no idea that "greatest hits" CDs were a thing. A friend owned 'Big Ones' and I couldn't believe one CD could have that many unbelievable songs on it. So I bought it and played the hell out of it non-stop. Fantasizing about Alicia Silverstone everytime crying and crazy came one.  

Dave: 'Moondance' - Van Morrison

Well….are we talking cassettes? My first tape was Van Morrison - Moondance, that was much more memorable than the first CD for me. I don't know what my first CD was….probably Michael Jackson's greatest hits or something by 10,000 Maniacs.

Double Vodka Don: 'Get Rich Or Die Trying' - 50 Cent

I remember thinking 50 Cent was the toughest motherfucker on planet earth. I was never crazy into superheroes and that kinda thing as a kid, but hearing his music and about the time he got shot 9 times (and lived to tell the tale), I just thought he was a real life superhero. I’m 26 years old and I still find this to be the truth.

Eddie: 'The Marshall Mathers LP' - Eminem

In the Summer of 2000, my Grandpa took a 9-year-old Eddie to a record store called 'Rolling Stones' to buy 'The Marshall Mathers LP'. I remember the clerk explaining to him what 'Parental Advisory' meant at check out in a semi-horrified manner, knowing that the album was sweeping the nation because of it's vulgar content, but my Grandpa told him that he didn't really give a shit and still got me the CD. I'll never forget how much of a tough guy I thought I was blasting it in my Mom's minivan all because my Grandpa Squeaks was the man and bought it for me.

(Yes, I unfortunately did dye my hair blonde, but whatever. You were the loser if you didn't have that passionate Eminem phase.)

Erika: 'Kick' - INXS

Are we counting cassette tapes? My first cassette was 'Like A Virgin' by Madonna. My dad used to get FURIOUS with me for calling the radio station and requesting it so much. We finally compromised on me not using my last name when I'd call….he was the high school principal, after all.

My first CD was INXS - 'Kick' and we drove an hour to get it; my brother got 'Hysteria' by Def Leppard. Our CD player - swear to god - was the size of a cabinet. Don't sleep on 'The Loved One' from that INXS album…wasn't nearly as popular as the rest but I loved it.

Feitelberg: 'On the 6' - J-Lo / 'Chocolate Colored Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water' - Limp Bizkit

First album ever was a twosome - got 'em at Sam Goody in the mall - J Lo's 'On the 6', from which I remember staring at the cover and trying to see an outline of J Lo’s nipple (and also listening to “If You Had My Love” on repeat while thinking of my crush Vanessa), and Limp Bizkit's 'Chocolate Colored Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water', from which I remember learning that chocolate colored starfish was a term for an asshole and hot dog flavored water was a reference to licking your own cum out of a girl’s vagina. Also, it fuckin ROCKED and I had to hide it from my parents because of the parental advisory, THAT IS until my dad overheard me listening to 'My Way' and loved it….then we started listening to swears together and I officially became a man.

Fran: 'Oops!… I Did It Again' - Britney Spears

Had a powder blue boom box that I would BLAST it on in my room. Also remember reading the inside to memorize every lyric!

Frankie: 'Songs For The Deaf' - Queens of the Stone Age

It was either 2002 or 2003 but I remember being around 10 years old. I had been playing drums for a couple years at this point and really just learning rudimentary beats on my beginners set. My sister who influenced all of my love for pop punk and rock music told me that I HAD to learn this song ‘No One Knows’ by a band called Queens of The a Stone Age. So she brought the CD down and I played it about a billion times and played along with it until I got as close as a 10 year old drummer could get. Shoutout Dave Grohl. A fucking God amongst us muggles. That’s really my first memory of going thru a CD front to back and caring about all the songs.

Glenny Balls: 'Konvicted' - Akon

I remember how much of a banger 'Smack That' was.

Grinnelli: 'Get Rich Or Die Trying' - 50 Cent

I remember my older brother and all his friends listened to it so I wanted it. My mother audibly gasped when I told her i just bought a CD the started blaring 'P.I.M.P.' 

Pretty sure I also bought the 'Bad Boys 2' soundtrack that day just for 'Shake Ya Tailfather'.

Greenie: 'II' - Boyz 2 Men  

I was like 13ish when I got it and bought this with my Hanukkah money in 2001. My parents took it away and kept it above the TV where I couldn't reach for weeks as punishment because I sucked at math. I can only imagine I looked ridiculous singing every word to 'I'll Make Love To You'.

Hank: 'Still Not Getting Any…' - Simple Plan

First album I actually remember was the Wild Wild West soundtrack with Will Smith on it, but the first album I bought was 'Still Not Getting Any…' by Simple Plan. I remember my cousins were living with us at the time, so I had to sleep in a closet (because I didn’t like sleeping in a room with three people) and I would just play 'Welcome to my Life' over and over again.

Hard Factor Pat: 'Dookie' - Green Day

Yessss! I remember searching being blown away that there were 99 tracks on the CD.

Hard Factor Wes: 'Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em' - MC Hammer

Hard Factor Will: 'Sublime' - Sublime

I remember concealing the parental guidance warning on the cover.

Hard Factor Mark: 'Smash' - The Offspring  

I remember singing “You Stupid Dumb Shit Goddamn Motherfucker!” along to ‘Bad Habits’

Hubbs: 'Collision Course' - Jay Z and Linkin Park

Convincing my mom that I was mature enough to listen to this kind of music at 11 years old was one of the harder things I've ever done. It also took me a while to realize these tracks were just two separate songs combined from two artists because I'm an idiot. Pretty sure I didn't listen to any music that wasn't on this album for about 2-3 years. I felt so cool knowing every word to these six songs. 

JackMac: 'The Blueprint 3' - Jay Z

Jake Marsh: N/A (has never bought music of any kinda ever)

To be honest, I’ve never bought an album or CD in my life. But I can’t get rid of this U2 song on my phone that was automatically downloaded, so hopefully that plays.  

Jeff D Lowe: 'Weathered' - Creed

The first cassette I owned was 'Supernatural' by Santana. That was cool, no questions asked. The reason I bring this up? I need to hedge a little because my first CD reveal is a doozy.

The first CD I owned (had my parents buy it for me): "Weathered" by Creed. That's right, known for hit songs "My Sacrifice" and… that's it. Nothing else.

I loved this CD for one song only and the horrible cover art of Scott Stahp and co. etched into the side of a large tree. Looking back on it now, I'd go as far as to say it is the worst CD cover art design in the history of the Compact Disc era.

I owned many better CDs over the years and certainly used some of my dad's prior to my 10-year-old self asking for "Weathered" but I have to be honest here and reveal the truth. I asked for Creed, I got Creed, and Creed forever holds the title as my first CD.

Jerry Thornton: 'The Blues Brothers: Original Soundtrack Recording' - The Blues Brothers

My buddies and I were drawn to the movie for the comedy, but the music opened up a whole new world for a kid from a mostly white suburb of Boston. Aretha Franklin. Ray Charles. Cab Calloway. Sam & Dave. Artists I was aware of but learned to love thanks to Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi.

Jetski: 'Man on the Moon' - Kid Cudi

The first album I remember buying was Kid Cudi’s Man On The Moon. I was 13 or 14 and used an iTunes gift card I got for Christmas that year to purchase it. It was the first time I felt music really spoke to me, specifically 'Soundtrack To My Life' and the “Since my father died, I ain’t been right since” line. That project was the first time I remember hip hop taking an emo or introspective turn and I think it set the tone for the way rap music would be made for years to come. There is no Juice WRLD or Travis Scott or Trippie Redd without Kid Cudi.

Joey Mulinaro: 'Speakerboxxx/Love Below' - OutKast

My first was 'Speakerboxxx/Love Below' by OutKast. 2004. Thought the dual album with two different themes was so cool, and it was my first parental advisory CD. I was 10. So many bangers. 'Roses', 'Hey Ya', 'Happy Valentines Day', 'The Way You Move', 'Prototype', etc. Loved OutKast ever since.

Kate: 'Yourself or Someone Like You' - Matchbox 20

The year was 1999 when I first heard “Smooth” play on the radio and it blew me away. The guitar, the flavor, the SEXINESS of Rob Thomas crooning “I would give my world to lift you up…”?! In my daydreams Rob was lifting me up by the ocean (under the moon), my best Limited Too skirt flowing in a Spanish breeze as he twirled me around (I realize now that the imagery of Rob Thomas romantically dancing with a 13-year-old is…not great); long story short, I gathered up my babysitting money & rushed to Sam Goody to buy the Matchbox 20 CD ('Yourself or Someone Like You'), specifically for "Smooth". 

I didn’t even glance at the case, but when I listened all the way through…."Smooth" was nowhere to be found. Turns out A) the CD I got was from 1996 and B) “Smooth” was on the Santana CD, Supernatural, not Matchbox 20’s. More like “rough”, amiright, folks? Ha ha. Thankfully I grew to hate the song in a few weeks after it got overplayed & then I moved on to an obsession with Brandon Boyd from Incubus when 'Make Yourself' came out that same year.

Kayce: '...Baby One More Time' - Britney Spears 

I remember being super excited to buy it myself with my allowance (I was 10) and I went home to hang the poster in my room immediately!

KB: 'Crazy 911 Emergency Calls' - ?????

Almost positive it was 'Crazy 911 Emergency Calls'. I remember buying it from a Pilot travel center in Ohio in 2001 when I was on my way to a Bengals game. The calls weren’t nearly as morbid as I expected them to be, but they were undeniably goofy and I thought they were the pinnacle of comedy for a few months. The CD actually inspired me to start prank calling random people, local businesses, etc. but I was always too big of a pussy to actually try to prank call 911 from our landline phone

KenJac: 'Lord of the Ring: Return of the King Soundtrack' - Howard Shore / 'American Idiot' - Green Day

Answer is a two-fold. First album I bought was technically the 'Lord of the Ring: Return of the King' soundtrack by Howard Shore. I got a CD Player boom box thing for Christmas in like 2003ish and would play my parents CDs on them but bought the album with my Christmas money. The first non-soundtrack was 'American Idiot' by Green Day. I remember watching the music video for the song on MTV and telling my mom that i HAD to have it.

KFC: 'Legal Drug Money' - Lost Boyz

I remember holding my breath to get the Parental Advisory sticker past the cashier, handing it to her covering it up. Tried to play it cool like when you're buying liquor underage.

Large: 'Destroyer' - KISS 

It was 1976. I was 6 years old and my brother was 7 when my parents let us walk to Sam Goody at the Kings Plaza Shopping Mall on Flatbush Ave to buy the KISS album: 'Destroyer' with our own money. When we listened together, he was Gene and I was Paul and we’d sing ‘Detroit Rock City’ and ‘Shout It Out Loud’….and when I was alone, I would serenade my pillow to the song ‘Beth’ and make-out with my hand. Good times.

Lil Sas: 'K.I.D.S.' - Mac Miller

Think it was 'KIDS' by Mac Miller, I was on the bus to school and me and all my friends listened to it. We all loved Mac Miller and he was my favorite rapper for years. Definitely made it more sad when he passed.

Liz: 'Spice' - Spice Girls

The first album I purchased for myself was a Spice Girls cassette….in Mexico. I was around 10 years old and was spending part of my summer there with aunt, my bootleg walkman, and one Selena cassette tape to play on repeat. After listening to "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" at least 500 times, I decided to take some of the food money my mom was sending via Western Union (this story is making me sound like I'm 50 and I'm ok with that) and splurge on Spice from the "discoteca" so I could spend the rest of my summer learning what men need to do if they wanna be my lover. 

Remember fellas, ya gotta get with her friends. 

Marty Mush: 'Unleash The Dragon' - Sisqo

Sisxo was my 1st CD at my communion. Got it for 'The Thong Song'.

Nate: 'Third Eye Blind' - Third Eye Blind

It's hard to remember the first CD I actually bought with my own money. I know the first 3 CDs I owned were Mariah Carey - Butterfly, Hason - Middle of Nowhere, and Backstreet Boys self titled album, all in 1997. One that really comes to mind as possibly the first album I ever used my allowance money to buy is 'Third Eye Blind', but in my old age I can't vividly recall walking out of the store with it. We used to do those mail order CD things where it was like 30 CDs for a dollar. I never really found out how those worked but I would get new CDs every month because of it. That's why I'm having a hard time remembering what the first album I actually purchased was. So if it wasn't Third Eye Blind or any of the above, there is only one other possibility - Will Smith's masterpiece, 'Big Willie Style'. I still have all these CDs too. I don't really know what to do with them but I'm certainly never getting rid of them, that's for sure.

Nick: '…And Out Come the Wolves' - Rancid

My best friend's older brother was in a punk band and recommended it to me. I remember that it inspired me to pick up bass and start lessons. Still in my top 5 albums of all time to this day.

Pat: 'Get Rich Or Die Trying' - 50 Cent

I think mayybbeee there was a Powerman 5000 album before that but I’m not 100% sure. Quite the difference in sounds there haha

PFT: 'Sublime' - Sublime

It was 'Sublime' self-titled. Had to hide the cover art because it was excplicit and my parents wouldn’t let me buy those CDs. Had it for six months and my mom found it and took it. I walked 1.5 miles to Best Buy and bought another one the next week.

RDT: 'Floored' - Sugar Ray 

I was 8 when the song "Fly" came out and I'm pretty sure I sang it nonstop. Was able to convince my mom to take me to Sam Goody in the Columbia Mall and the album was mine. I literally knew 1 song on it, "Fly", of course, because it was a damn jam. What I and my mother didn't know was the CD had a song called "Cash" where all it said was "CASH, I NEED SOME FUCKING CASH. I NEED IT NOW, RIGHT AWAY, RIGHT AWAY" and I'll never forget my mom ripping it out of the CD player on the ride home. So shout out Sugar Ray. 

Reags: 'Dookie' - Green Day

I remember it had parental advisory so I snuck it with my aunt and uncle.

Rear Ads: 'STAND BY ME: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack' - Various Artists 

The first CD I ever bought was the soundtrack for 'STAND BY ME' in 1986 at Strawberries in Medford (Wellington Circle) when I got my first CD player for Christmas (boombox). Bought the CD mostly for the title track but ended up loving every tune (I heard them for years on oldies stations---back when oldies meant '50s not '80s). Movie was in my rare 'Three Times Club' (saw in theater 3+ times). Still have it. Like all my CDs.

Ria: 'Speak' - Lindsay Lohan

My first album was 'Speak' by Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan can't really sing.

Rico: 'Enema Of The State' - Blink 182

The big distinction here is “bought”. At 8-9 I was probably given CD’s as gifts from my parents - they were all whatever was on the radio - two of which stand out: Hootie And The Blowfish - 'Cracked Rear View' and Sophie B Hawkins - 'Whaler' (featuring her two hit 'As I Lay Me Down) 

'Buying' is the key word here though. I was 12 and used some birthday money to purchase 'Enema Of The State' by Blink 182. I remember feeling way older than I was because I knew it was edgy, knew it had a ton of lyrics I didn’t fully understand, and made my parents uncomfortable, but most of all I remember how awesome it was. It sounded exactly like kids my age were starting to feel - loud, confused, happy, angry - among a million other things. 

It was very much a coming-of-age album and I listened to it all summer and into the school year and to this day I will still pop it on start to finish on a long drive just to reconnect to that time in my life. Music has a MAGNIFICENT way of bringing you back to moments or periods in your life. That album instantly takes me back to becoming a teenager.

Riggs: 'Enema Of The State' - Blink 182

I must've been like 12 or 13 and I remember thinking what a huge mistake it was for him to turn on the TV when she took off his pants. Love that album, this just inspired me to play it in the car. My first and maybe the best album I ever bought. Who knew.

Rone: 'What’s Your Name?' - Adam Sandler

In 1997 I bought a used copy of the 'What’s Your Name?' album by Adam Sandler. Someone in my homeroom was selling it for some kind of school sale, and I had to buy it with my own money - 3 or 4 bucks - because my parents probably wouldn’t have let me buy it. I went home, memorized every word to every song, the voices for every skit, the timing to every joke. It felt sneaky to have it and it was literally the funniest shit I had ever heard. Later that year I took a Sam Goody gift card and bought two more albums, 'River of Dreams' by Billy Joel and 'No Way Out' by Puff Daddy and the Fam, but the Sandler was the first one and proved to be massively influential on my life, personality and career path.

Smitty: 'Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness' - The Smashing Pumpkins

'Tonight, Tonight' fucks, '1979' is an easy gem for beginners on the drums, and 'Bullet with Butterfly Wings' is about being trapped in this existence with no choices, purpose, or way out? Found out that one later….not when I was 10.  I think.

Spider: 'good kid, m.A.A.d city' - Kendrick Lamar

I never really buy albums, I'm big on streaming, but that album is really solid.

Tommy Smokes: 'Wanted' - Bow Wow 

I was at a Walmart in Florida. Really wanted a rap album. My parents wanted me to get something clean. Figured the kid from 'LIke Mike' would be good. Nope! Turned it on in the car. Tons of N bombs and curses. Great album though.

Trent: 'Mo Money Mo Problems (Single)' - The Notorious B.I.G. feat Puff Daddy and Mase 

I didn’t physically buy the CD myself, but I gave my sister the requisite funds and she went to the Sam Goody at Lindale Mall and purchased the 'Mo Money Mo Problems' single for me. The year was 1997 and I was 8 years old listening to The Notorious B.I.G. talk about gats in holsters and how the DEA was tapping his phone. I had no clue what he was talking about and it was awesome.

The song still has one of the greatest music videos of all time. It played non-stop on MTV which is how I became aware of the song in the first place.

Trysta: 'Doggystyle' - Snoop Dogg / 'The Chronic' - Dr. Dre

First CDs I ever bought were no lie Snoop Dogg's 'Doggystyle' and 'The Chronic'. Got them together in 1992.

Willie: 'Blackstreet' - Blackstreet

It was either this or 'Chicken-n-Beer' by Ludacris.

WSD: 'Sublime' - Sublime / 'Enema of the State' - Blink 182 / 'Satellite' - P.O.D.

I got 3 CD's for my birthday when I was 10. Sublime's self-titled album (Sublime is still my favorite band of all time), 'Enema of the State' by Blink 182 and something by P.O.D. because I liked that (now awful) song 'Alive' by them. Sublime was introduced to me by my older cousin and have loved them forever - a solid 20 years. Wish I could have seen them live with Bradley. I'm pretty sure I still have the CD somewhere at my dad's house.

Young Mantis: ‘Thank Me Later (Clean)’ - Drake

The first album I ever bought was ‘Thank Me Later’ by Drake. My parents only let me buy the 'clean' version even though I was in junior-high at the time, but what made the album so unique was that the song ‘Over’ was the only song on the album that did NOT have the F-word censored. I brought the album to my art teachers class (shoutout Mrs. Ekland) one day (because she would allow us students to bring our music to play while we painted), and the first 3 songs were clean and there were no problems….until ‘Over’ played and Drake sings in the hook, “Who the fuck are y’all?!" The whole class turned at me and my teacher dropped her jaw.

Young Pageviews: 'Jackpot' - Chingy

I told my mom that I really needed this album because I liked this song I had been hearing on the radio and wanted to listen to it more. She came back with the edited version and said she tried to get me what I wanted, but this was the best she could do because she wasn’t comfortable with the language used in it. I was kinda pissed because I knew my friends would make fun of me for having a version without curse words, but since I couldn’t drive and had no money, I just said thank you and listened in secret in my room.

I also remember having Country Grammar by Nelly as well (edited) that my Mom gave to me after she was done listening to it and I still know every word to the clean version by heart.

Zah: 'Spice' - The Spice Girls

Hmmm - off the top of my head, the first one I remember was the first Spice Girls album. They were about to go on tour for it and I remember they did a promotional campaign with candy company Chupa Chups where they gave you a poster with the album and you had to collect like 24 different stickers from the candy. I loved them so much I collected them all in less than a month! 

There ya have it! Hope you all learned something new about one or two of the bloggers here today. 

Thanks to everyone at Barstool who participated, and if I happened to leave you out, I'm sorry. I promise it wasn't on purpose. Odds are, I'm afraid to contact you for one reason or another (I'm an anxiety-ridden pussy). Direct all complaints towards my intern, Clyde.