Steelers Move To 4-0 For The First Time Since 1979 And I Am Thrilled

The Chase Claypool game. 

Where were you when he became the best wide receiver on the Steelers? Dude is the future. He's a star. He's what we wanted from Martavis Bryant that we got robbed short of. 

Claypool and Roethlisberger were the only reasons the Steelers moved to 4-0 for the first time since 1979 when they won the Super Bowl that year. 

It wasn't pretty. None of them have been. But 4-0 is 4-0 and first place is first place. Let's hand out some game balls. 

Chase Claypool

Nothing else needs to be said. The first Steelers rookie since Franco Harris to have a receiving and running touchdown then he added two more including the game clincher to give the Steelers a 9 point lead and bury the Birds for good. 7 catches. 117 yards. 3 touchdowns and a rushing score. He does it all while he's still playing special teams. Just a beautiful thing to watch Big Ben have this kind of a weapon. 

3rd & 8. Lined up in the slot with a mismatch on some guy named Gerry. Big Ben knew it was a touchdown before the play even happened. Love it. Just the start for this kid. 

Ben Roethlisberger

How about Big Ben? Was complaining per usual this week about getting the short end of the stick having a bye last week (he was right). Didn't come out rusty at all. Completed his first eight passes. Put up three touchdowns with no turnovers and completed 79% of his throws. That puts him to 10 TDs and 1 INT on the season. Playing clean. Playing efficient. Playing winning football and spreading it around to a variety of his young weapons. Like I said, him and Claypool won this game for the Steelers. 

Joe Haden

The defense was pretty shitty today. They got roasted by a guy called Travis Fulgham 10 catches and 152 yards. But I gotta give credit to Joe Haden for making pretty much a game saving play against the dude. Philly was driving into Steelers territory. 3rd & 5 and Haden lined up man-to-man with Fulgham, played it perfectly, broke on the ball perfectly and made a stop to put the Eagles in a terrible spot. Elliot missed the 57-yarder, then Claypool happened. Game. 

Still a lot to clean up. The defense's inability to get off the field on 3rd down is troubling, but like I said 4-0 is 4-0 and it's something we haven't seen in over 40 years. 

Here We Go. 

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