Week 5 WFT "Alex Smith Is In Uniform And A Snap Away From Playing Real Life NFL Football" Live Blog


I'm just going to focus on the positives and not the fact Kyle Allen is starting, Dwayne Haskins is at home, and the WFT is a disaster as always. Let's just focus on the fact Alex Smith is very close to playing live NFL snaps. He is one play away from having Aaron Donald breathing down his neck. The thought of that scares the bejesus out of me...I mean, you saw that picture of his leg, right? Insanity. But if he is cleared, has a clear mind, and is ready to go, I will root my dick off for him. The work he's put in to get back to this spot is astonishing. Nobody deserves it more than him. 

Oh and as for the game today, who knows. We're a mess. Hoping Kyle Allen is the next Tom Brady. Go us.