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Good Morning Anddddd We Have All Sorts Of Dwayne Haskins Drama On The Timeline To Start The Day


Ah yes, week 5 of the NFL season, just the perfect time for apple picking, pumpkin carving, and our beloved Washington Football Team to have all sorts of QB drama. It's like clockwork. Today's report comes from Jason La Canfora, whose name I hate, who is saying Haskins will likely be traded before the trade deadline. 


This is our first round pick who was the starter 2 weeks ago, now shunned into the 3rd string role by coach Rivera. Riverboat could have brought in his own guys in the offseason, decided Haskins wasn't going to be his quarterback moving forward, but didn't. He named Haskins the starter, said there won't be a QB competition, and that Haskins would have every opportunity to learn and develop this season. Basically...he lied. He gave Haskins 4 weeks and then benched him after a 300 yard, 0 INT game vs the Ravens. It's obvious his plan all along was to make up some bullshit excuse to bench Haskins, no matter what. Not to let him develop. To get rid of him. And apparently that's what he's doing. 

And last week very well could be the last we see of Dwayne in WFT colors, as he isn't even in the stadium today:




I don't know, I know it's easy to say he's being a baby or faking it or whatever, but I'm not going to jump to conclusions based on coincidence. He very well may be sick as a dog. Puking everywhere. Who knows. It's just a sad ending to a fucked up start to his career. 2 coaching staffs that didn't want him, no WR other than McLaurin, no Oline, no TE, and his starting RB is a rookie who played WR in college. WOOF. He was set up to fail from the jump, now is gone after a 4 TD, 3 INT start to the season. Brutal, brutal, brutal. Good luck to Kyle Allen, but don't be shocked if Alex Smith is starting within the next 2 weeks.