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The Bronco at Patriots Monday Evening Football Game is Postponed

If you want to make God laugh, make plans.

And so we bring you the second postponement of the Patriots second postponed game. To go along with the now fourth case of Covid on the roster. Just in case you thought this year might get carpal tunnel from giving us so many titty twisters, here’s yet another nurple for you all.

Like it isn’t hard enough already just preparing week in and week out to play a pro football game, now this team has to put up with the unheard of challenge of not knowing when their next game is going to be. Their facility is shut down. They prepped for the once in a lifetime 5 p.m. Monday game with virtual meetings. And now that’s on hold until maybe next Sunday. Or not. Because the NFL forced them to fly to Kansas City on a moment’s notice, it’s having a domino effect on their whole schedule and rippling through the rest of the league. Balls.

But that’s secondary to the fact know one on the team knows when the next positive test is going to show up. It’s especially tough for Byron Cowart who might not be pinging a lot of people’s sonar, but he has mine. I think I’ve mentioned him in like three of the four Knee Jerk Reactions I’ve written for the way he’s really made a jump this year as a replacement for Danny Shelton. Hopefully like Cam Newton and Stephon Gilmore he’ll be asymptomatic and, God willing, will have no lingering effects.

So much for the bye week plans everybody made. Looks like the Irish Rose is going to be spending our anniversary trip watching Broncos-Pats from a hotel room with me.