Cowbells! Air Raid Offense! K.J. Costello's History! LOL Just Kidding, For The First Time Ever A Mike Leach Team Didn't Score A Touchdown

Remember a couple weeks ago and Mississippi State was on top of the world. They beat LSU! (So did Missouri). KJ Costello threw for 600 yards! Let's check in tonight 

Sir that can't be right! It says 4 interceptions and surely the Air Raid offense with Mike Leach and pirates and all of this couldn't be true. Oh, wait. 

Picks in the end zone. Pick 6s. It don't matter, Mississippi State was going to turn it over because Kentucky is and was the better team. Not even up for debate. Just a perfect defensive game for a team that sucked the first two games defensively. At least Mississippi State had that awesome pirate LSU game. They'll always have that. Fucking dump. 

24-2. It's actually embarrassing Mississippi State got 2 points on a bad 50-yard snap on a punt. 24-0, at least you truly sucked. 24-2? Just feels like cheating for two points.