Weekend Wake Up: Dr. Disrespect's NCAA Basketball Highlight Tape

Oh yeah baby, look at the two time, back-to-back Blockbuster 1993-1994 NBA Jam Champion taking it hard to the whole. That 6'8" center rocking the rim is our very own Dr. Disrespect who used to throw down at Division II Cal Poly Pomona. When he wasn't being the most entertaining person on the internet, he was making a living in the post. He often talks about his wingspan, his vertical leap, and basketball career, but to see the Doc in the flesh slamming it down, slapping backboards, its electric. Doc always yells about violence, speed, and momentum. That's how he played the game too. Just watch these clips and tell me he couldn't do more than Markieff Morris last night. Get the Doc in there! Yayayayayaya.