Jimmy Butler Just Ripped The Championship Right Out Of The Lakers Hands!!!


Holy shit what a game. For a series everyone says sucks, that was an instant classic. The blown fourth quarter Heat lead, LeBron and Jimmy Butler going punch for punch down the stretch. Absolutely incredible theatre. I said earlier today that Jimmy Butler needed to go supernova if the Heat were going to pull this out and that's exactly what happened. He put up 35/12/11/5 on 11-19 shooting and was UNSTOPPABLE down the stretch. Duncan Robinson found his stroke and the Heat did just enough to hold on and keep their season alive. And guess what? They can win Game 6. This is a team that does not quit. 

Talk about a blown opportunity for the Lakers. When AD had that offensive rebound with 20 seconds left I thought that was it. I guess this is what happens when your fans talk all day like they already won the title. The Basketball Gods make you pay. Couldn't happen to a more humble fan base.

Now this series is getting good. The Lakers finally lost in the Mamba jerseys. They got cocky. They thought they had this in the bag. No no. Not on Jimmy Butler's watch. He alpha'd LeBron tonight and I cannot wait to see him do it again in Game 6.