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Dick Vitale Dancing On The Yankees Grave Makes The Rays Win Somehow Even Better

Fuck yes. This is what it's all about. A senile old man dancing all over the Yankees grave. I fucking HATE the Yankees. I mean I hate them so goddamn much that I love Dickie V here. Especially the fact this all occurred on the anniversary of Jeffrey Maier cheating for the Yankees and starting the most overrated career of all time in Derek Jeter. I just wish Dick jumped in a pool again. Really it just shows that there's nothing like being a diehard fan. Name another Rays fan. You can't. It's Dick Vitale. That's it. It's worse than the Clippers. There aren't even bandwagon Rays fans. It's just Dick Vitale and maybe the mothers of the players on the team. Either way, this makes me smile a bit more tonight. Something that can bring us all together. Fuck the Yankees.