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Robert Thomas Just Had The Tweet Of The Night In The NHL

The first thing I thought when the Blues signed Torey Krug was... "Oh shit Petro is a GONER!"  The second thing was, "Woah I wonder what Big Thurm thinks about being teammates after getting freight trained by him in the Cup Final."  I mean, it wasn't exactly a kumbaya moment when Krug basically tried to rearrange Thomas's DNA after taking 75 strides and launching into his upper body as hard as he could.  You can't imagine they were playing Fortnite together that night after this.  

The good news is we don't have to worry about it any more, because like a true alpha male, Big Thurm let the Blues fans know that it was OK to accept this former enemy as one of our own.  He is looking Torey Krug in the face and asking him if he wants to do karate in the garage, and that is a beautiful thing.  Something tells me there will be a few 47 to 18 PP goals in the Blues future the next 7 years...