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Alex Pietrangelo Is All But Gone As The Blues Sign The Talented Torey Krug For 7 Years And 45 Million

This is a classic Good News/Bad News situation.  The Blues got an extremely talented defenseman in Torey Krug, and that is good!  I am excited to see #47 wheeling around the blue line at Enterprise and not cringe every time he gets going and winds up for a bomb on the powerplay, hoping against a Bruin's dagger.  He was a thorn in the Blues side during that Cup Final and is a really skilled guy.  I am super excited to see the mixture of him and Parayko on a potential Blues powerplay.  Anyone that has watched the Bruins over the past 5 years knows what an engine this guy was for them.  I also think St. Louis will be getting an extremely motivated player as Krug has pretty clearly indicated that he did not receive the respect from Boston that he was probably hoping for.

Any time you can add an extremely talented guy who has something to prove... you have to be excited.


For the most part. I definitely AM excited, don't get me wrong, but the second that I saw this news it became very apparent that Alex Pietrangelo's time in St. Louis was over.  There was barely any way the Blues could fit Petro with things how they are, and now they definitely don't have any room, barring some sort of SEISMIC change of events.  Its a bittersweet signing for that reason.  Krug and Petro will forever be linked from now on as fans compare who should have been the marquee defenseman worth the money.  It feels like the Blues tried to get it done with Pietrangelo and just wouldn't budge off of certain requirements.  

If I had to take a wild guess, it had something to do with this.

Sad to see, but at this point what is done is done.  Unless, you really want to dream…

I can't really imagine a Blues team without #27 next year.  Going to be a weird feeling for sure, but it is how life goes.  For what its worth, people are whispering to me that Pietrangelo is headed to Las Vegas.  But what do I know?