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I'm Here To Eat Crow For My Shitty Trade Report

I told y'all that the Bruins were going to trade Torey Krug's rights before free agency opened and it didn't happen. Mea culpa.

(Not accurate here. Just an excuse to run an ANIMAL HOUSE clip.)

You didn't fuck up by trusting me. My track record on this shit after 13 years speaks for itself.
But as the great philosopher Christopher Wallace once said, "things done changed". And that's what went on here. From the time I was given the info until noon today, either the Bruins decided to not trade his rights or no team was willing to part with an asset for exclusive negotiating rights with the now-UFA puck-mover.

There are always a ton of team/agent/player/media/source footsie games during this time of year (free agency not autumn). There are reports that the Bs offered Krug 6 x $6.5M. I'm sure that the credible folks reporting the numbers were 100% told that information. But did the Bruins actually make that offer to Krug? Or did the team make no offer but wants those numbers out there so if/when he leaves, there's the appearance of a decent effort to sign him to a seemingly fair deal? Was I an unwitting patsy as part of a large conspiracy with Boston connections? I wouldn't be the first guy.

Giphy Images.

"Lemme get back to you on that."

However it turns out, I reported something was going to happen and it didn't so I'm here to eat my crow and take my lumps. Like the bumper sticker says, SHIT HAPPENS. We turn the page and move on. 

Also worth noting is that Krug isn't on any clock here (not to mention once the Alex Pietrangelo domino falls, a bunch should follow suit). Like a lot of UFAs, Krug has to weigh getting that well-earned, overstuffed bag vs. a legit chance to win a Stanley Cup. Sometimes that's the same team. We'll find out soon enough if it is for him.

Meanwhile, the Bs are bringing back another UFA D-man on a bonus-laden deal…

I'm glad to see Miller will be coming back and really hope he's healed up well from his numerous injuries. The back-end can certainly use his snarl and crease-clearing abilities.