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Dr. Creepy Says That Even Though This Team Sucks Everybody's Job Is Safe


Bostonherald – Despite the Red Sox’ 22-29 start to a season in which they have a record payroll around $200 million, the team’s principal owner John Henry said Tuesday the jobs of manager John Farrell and general manager Ben Cherington are not in jeopardy. “Not John’s, not Ben’s, hopefully not mine,” Henry said, speaking to a large chunk of the Boston media contingent in the back of the Fenway Park press box. “John has provided the kind of leadership that we need through a really tough period,” Henry said. “I just don’t think you can blame the manager for this. I watch these games. They’ve been painful games to watch. To me, it’s not the manager’s fault the way that we’ve been playing. I just don’t see that.” While Henry was also supportive of Cherington, who signed a contract extension last season (the terms have not been made public), the owner was honest in his assessment of Cherington’s decision-making last offseason and said, “At this point, you can question that, and you should, we should question that.” But Henry wouldn’t let Cherington shoulder the blame, frequently noting that Cherington’s decisions were made with the support of ownership and that it was the entire front office that needs to accept responsibility. “The general manager is going to be the general manager of this club for a very long time,” Henry said. “I have nothing but respect for him and the job that he does. I think we’ve been on the same wavelength, so you have to blame ownership as much as you can blame the general manager. “We have a certain philosophy. We’ve talked a lot about adjusting that philosophy. I’m not sure it’s just the players that need to make adjustments. In fact, I’m sure about that. There are adjustments we need to make as an organization. Ben will make those adjustments, and he’ll lead that process. I think he and his people are the right people to do that.”

On the field, the Red Sox have failed offensively, the one area they were expected to dominate in. They rank 24th in the majors with 3.8 runs per game this season, despite spending $183 million this offseason to add Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval last November. Henry said he feels good about the Ramirez signing, even though the left fielder’s defense has been so poor he’s statistically been below replacement level with a minus-0.5 WAR, according to Overall, Henry said he felt good about the composition of the roster and didn’t foresee any changes, d espite the team’s poor performance. “They have been anything but [good], there’s no doubt about it,” Henry said. “But when you look at the track records of these people, including the young guys who have hit at every level, you have to feel good about this team. But I can understand why there’s dismay at this point over the offensive production. It hasn’t been what it should be, across the board.”

I have a question. Am I dreaming or is Dr. Creepy the only guy who ever speaks when the shit hits the fan with the Red Sox? Like whenever the Red Sox are doing well and winning championships the One Eyed Bandit and Tom Werner are EVEYRWHERE. NESN, WEEI, pregame, postgame etc. When they are the worst team in baseball those guys are nowhere to be found. So I sort of appreciate Creepy taking the bullet for everybody even though he’s the last guy I want to hear from. Where is Cherrington and Lucchino? Those are the guys I hold responsible for this mess. Where are they? Is Cherrington allowed to talk?  Does Lucchino have him locked in a basement whipping him? Were all these moves Lucchino’s decisions or were they Cherringtons?  Is this a classic Michael Scott Golden Ticket situation?  Is Lucchino making Cherrinton take the blame cause none of his moves worked? Can somebody explain our pitching staff to me? Can somebody explain why we have so many fat guys who can’t hit, run or field? Can somebody explain to me how Hanley Ramirez ever played SS in his life? Can somebody tell me how long we’re going to keep him in the outfield when he’s clearly the worst fielder in the history of baseball? Those are the questions we need answered. I don’t need Dr. Creepy to tell me that this team hasn’t been good. No shit Creepy. It’s because they stink and you’re dreaming if you think they are gonna turn it around. We stink because we have stinky players. Whose fault is that is what we need to know.