Did The Padres Get Swept Because Of This Dodgers Diss Track And Music Video Made By Two Padres Fans That Makes Me Want To Crawl Out Of My Skin?

I've been on the internet so long and we live in such strange times, I'm not sure what's real and what's not anymore. Like you could tell me those kids seriously made that video like a countless kids have but never posted it due to a lack of technology or a presence of self awareness. Or maybe these kids for X Punking me like I feel KB does every time he tweets or writes something. 

Regardless of the answer, I would rather listen to Russell Wilson call himself Mr. Unliiiiiimited while watching the Scott's Tots episode of The Office while reliving every embarrassing moment of my life than watch that one more second of that video. Sabermetrics will give you a million reason why the Dodgers swept that series with their monster offense, filthy pitching, and zillion dollar payroll. But you simply cannot discount the fact that the Baseball Gods saw this video that had 2pac rolling over in his beachside villa grave and decided to smite the Padres with brooms and send them home without a win in the NLDS for violating every unwritten rule in the Baseball Bible. I honestly had no clue how a team led by Fernando Tatis Jr wearing those uniforms in a city like San Diego that has Tony Gwynn as their patron saint could ever be considered uncool. But somehow the "S-D Padres" are now as uncool as they were when we all forgot they were a franchise for the last two decades or so. 

You can debate if the Padres are assholes because they actually like to have fun while playing a game professionally all you want. But getting swept after these poor kids spent God knows how much time on this song and video has to violate some sort of unwritten rule of human decency as well.