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If You Want To See A Squid Facial A Fisherman Then Today Is Your Lucky Day

He didn't even ask permission first, that was extremely rude!  Now I get that there is a certain "squid pro quo" when it comes to inconveniencing someone, as this squid just got ripped from the depth onto a boat where it can't breath, but that doesn't mean this type of gesture is allowed.  Especially when its on video!  Pretty messed up that his boys just laughed in his face when it happened and no one even offered him a towel or some sort of cleanup apparatus.  Really makes you question who your true allies are huh?

As an individual who has been inked on before, it is not a pleasant experience.  They spray with the reckless abandon of a toddler with a super soaker, ejecting fluid on anyone and everything in sight.  I remember the surprise I experienced when it happened out of nowhere the first time I went to unhook a squid that had tried to eat one of our baits and it was a jarring experience, so I can't imagine what it is like to take a direct hit in the eyeball.  That was a little squid above too... can you imagine what a huge specimen would be like?