The RED vs BLUE PPV Is Only 2 Weeks Away... Also Anyone Want To Win $25,000 By Picking Fighters?

Not much else has to be said BUT WE'LL FUCKING DO IT ANYWAY. Fact is this card is shaping up to be our best ever. No hyperbole whatsoever. If Miami left a bad taste in your mouth that's understandable but this isn't some Super Bowl shitshow. In just 2 short weeks you'll see what a clusterfuck of chaos should actually be. Our Main Events include:

-The (5-0) Middleweight champ NIGHTY NIGHT moving up 20 lbs to face (2-0) Heavyweight champ, LIGHTS OUT

-The 4'2'' Lightweight champion Smidge facing a new opponent under 4'5''

-The #1 RnR KO ever Shizzat The Rizzat facing our #1 RnR athlete ever the Backflip Ninja

-Plus a girl fight that's already sounding beyond SPICY. *crack whip sound*

We'll also have a BRAND NEW electoral system to decide the 1st lady president, VP, & cabinet for the ring girl contest. Now you can vote LIVE during the show with Caleb & Rone reporting to everyone on how the delegates are looking throughout. 

Fact is October 23rd is gonna be a GLORIOUS return to West Virginia and quite likely an ALL-TIME PPV experience. And if all that wasn't enough we're adding a $25,000 pot to the whole damn thing. Pick the winner + whether by KO/decision in 6 matchups on the Play Barstool app and YOU could leave RnR 12 the biggest champion of all. 


Knockouts, Ring Girls, Main Events & MORE on October 23rd... Order RnR 12 HERE 

Knockouts, Ring Girls, Main Events & MORE on October 23rd... Order RnR 12 HERE