Jon Jones Confirms Chael Sonnen's Legendary Story About Him Hiding Under A Cage (FOR 6-8 HOURS) To Avoid Being Drug Tested In 2015

Welllll, wellll, wellll. I love when we finally get confirmation on legendary mysteries we've always wondered about. 

Earlier this year the CIA confirmed Tom DeLonge's report that 'Aliens Exist', Fophia recently broke her silence to reveal that her name actually begins with the letter F, and now, Jon Jones has confirmed that - yes, Chael Sonnen was right yet again - he hid under the octagon at JacksonWink for 6-8 hours to avoid getting drug tested in 2015.....

“USADA rolls in to Jackson’s gym to do a test on Jon Jones and there were only some coaches in there and Jon, there were like five people in there at the time. Where they parked, he can see them coming, so they know what to do with him. They hide him underneath the cage. Jon Jones hides under the cage. They say, ‘Jon, we don’t know where he is,’ and this is before we were enrolled in the program and he did not need to disclose his whereabouts. At the same time, if they show up and find you, you must test. If they can’t find you, you didn’t have to test back then. They wanted to get a warrant to go under that ring, under the theory that at some point in that 6-8 hour span, he would have had to pee. They wanted to go under forensically and collect that urine. That’s how upset they were that they had been had.”

This has legitimately been one of the ALL-TIME rumors about Jon Jones since that Joe Rogan Experience dropped (I believe even before then kinda) that people have been wondering about....could he have really hid under that ring for 6-8 hours while USADA agents (which Jon now says were actually Nevada State Athletic Commission agents) just sat there staring at it? Turns out - yep! That's exactly what happened!

According to Jon, though, he was actually hiding under there because he had just smoked a blunt and got extremely paranoid when he saw drug testers walking towards him, thinking he'd fail the test for weed....and as a massive Jon Jones hater AND stoner, I gotta tell ya - this one REALLY puts me in a tough position. As much as I don't want to believe a pathological liar like Jon Jones, getting high and feeling paranoid enough to hide under an MMA cage for 6-8 hours sounds like an incredibly realistic scenario. I mean, hell - I got so high I thought I was havin a heart attack one night. Told Trent to cal 9-1-1 and everything. Thank god he didn't - but I digress. 

Why it took Jon 5 years to reveal this seemingly tame story? I don't know. So I'd say that while the jury's still out on whether or not you wanna believe Jon Jones' reasoning for hiding under that cage, the visual of angry drug testers going, "HE MUST'VE PISSED AT SOME POINT, NO?! LET'S SEE IF WE CAN CHECK!" is confirmed, and that's funny enough for me.

Another point for The Bad Guy.....