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Marty Schottenheimer Once Made a Decision in an NFL Playoff Game Because of a Game of Madden With His Son

In a story which would instantly become the biggest thing on social media today, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Marty Schottenheimer once made a game-changing decision in a playoff game because of what happened to him in a game of Madden against his son.

In a 1991 Wild Card game between the Chiefs and Los Angeles Raiders, Kansas City found itself facing a 4th and goal from the Raiders' 1-yard line late in the game with a one-point lead. A touchdown and successful PAT would have made it a two-possession game — the NFL did not adopt the two-point conversion until 1994 — but Schottenheimer instead elected to kick the 18-yard field goal and give the Raiders a chance to win the game with a touchdown.

Everything ended up working out as Kansas City won 10-6, but Schottenheimer's explanation after the game was certainly a new one. He explained that after getting stuffed on fourth down and his son beating him on a last-second field goal in a recent game of Madden, he decided the Chiefs needed to take the three points and force the Raiders to score a touchdown to beat them.

While not a popular decision, there's at least a defensible argument to take a four-point lead, particularly now that an eight-point lead is still just a one-possession game. But saying you did it because of a video game — in 1991 — is pretty wild to admit.

I actually wish we'd have more coaches play Madden now and maybe they'd figure out how to manage the clock. I know it sounds insane, but I'd be willing to bet I'm a better clock manager than 25 NFL head coaches. Seemingly every week, somebody screws up a basic clock management scenario. Every NFL team should pay one of the 32 best Madden players in the world $100,000 a year and that guy's only job is to be next to the head coach at the end of each half and explain to him what to about the clock.

But I don't imagine we'll see another coach admit to making a decision based off a video game anytime soon. Marty Schottenheimer was truly ahead of his time.