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The Man Who is the Real Wolf of Wall Street Blew My Socks Off

Before I sat down with the Wolf of Wall Street, I had no idea what to expect. His people reached out to me because I don’t have people and we set up the interview. The reason they wanted to come on the show didn’t make sense at first. He’s training folks to get jobs as wants to hire veterans. I’ve heard that ole trope a million times. He’s not really connected to the military and, spoiler alert, that’s what our military show is about so I asked my squad. What’s the harm? I didn’t expect much different than the other job dudes we’ve had which is still great by the way. Helping people find jobs: 

HOWEVER, I left pretty enamored with the guy. He’s as charming as the day is long and I can see how he got to where he was at the top, the fall, and now the rise again.

Give it a listen. It’s pretty damn good.