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The King Is Coming Home



Finally the King will come home. How beautiful will it be when Henrik Lundqvist finally puts on the true red, white, and blue jersey, that of your 2018 Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals. It'll be glorious. For too many years, Hank has been a king without a crown. Flailing around in New York, begging them to give him some help, but that joke of a franchise could not do it. Could not help Lundqvist capture that elusive Cup. Meanwhile in DC, we just stack Cups like that fucking song. I know we only have one but come on I'm on a roll here, these fingers are typing words faster than I can think of them, I'm so hopped up on coffee right now my heart might explode.

But on the real, having Lundqvist in DC will be great. As I wrote earlier, there's zero downside to it. At worst he's a great veteran presence for future Vezina Trophy winner Ilya Samsonov. At best he has another remarkable season and finally lifts Lord Stanley's Cup while donning the Capitals crest. With the season expected to have more back-to-backs because of the late start, having two dependable goalies is now more important than ever.  

Holtby will be missed, for sure. More on that later. But let me be the first to welcome Henrik Lundqvist to DC. Welcome home.